packaging & packaging waste


We have to be the best supporters of a recycling society, as a solution to sustainable development and respect for the rights of the future generation to a clean environment.

We have to believe that efficient waste management is one of the first steps in every national brand policies and demonstrate concern for human health, preserving the beauty of nature, air and water quality.

Efficient waste management depends, to a large extent, on a stable partnership between central government, local authorities, collectors, recyclers and companies that introduce on the market packaging and packaging waste.

There are companies similar to those already existing in the Member States of European Union, for taking over the responsibility of those who introduce on
the market packaging and packaging waste:

- Packaging <Link>

- WEEE <Link>

The above mentioned companies missions are:
- To provide for its customers, legal compliance, reporting and collection
- To continuously improve management procedures in the national waste collection-recycling, in order to achieve the collection targets
- To contribute, through its direct experience, to the improvement of the legal and technical regulations in the field, in order to streamline the collection and recycling of waste and ensure traceability and transparency
- To engage in educational activities, especially those that focus on waste prevention